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          Odor Waterproof Putty Paste
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          303 odor water resistant putty is a has excellent waterproof performance and high quality wall leveling material, selection of high-quality environmental materials, the odor without harmful substances, the bond strength of high.

          1 open bag that is used, the construction of good, greatly improve the efficiency of construction;

          2 water resistance is good, after the construction in the damp environment does not play the drum, does not crack, does not fall off;

          3 without any odor, environmental protection and no harmful substances, high bonding strength, surface density, excellent resistance to the performance of the powder;

          4. Good durability, long service life, under normal conditions can keep 10-15 years (general putty life can only up to 5 years), the second decoration free eliminated;

          5 feel good, smooth surface after construction, delicate, can be directly used as a decorative layer;

          6 the product has a good whiteness, fineness, saving the use of latex paint.

          Technical standard:JC/T298-2010(Type N)

          Environmental standard: GB 18582-2008(Limitation on toxins in interior wall coating material)  

          *Packing style, please prevail in kind!