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          303 All Purpose 5in1 Putty Paste
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          All Purpose 5in1 PuttyPaste is made from specially selected extra fine and white natural ingredientsand unique additives. It is produced by our advanced production process andunderwent mixing process. The product has great bonding capability, is highstrength, and adheres closely to the base layer. It provides anti-chalkingeffect for an extended period of time.

          With specially selectedextra white fillings, putty layer becomes extra white after scraping. Itincreases the covering result of latex paint and reduces the latex paint usageamount.

          With specially selectedextra fine fillings, putty becomes solid and smooth after polishing. Itincreases the smoothness of latex paint, which enables coating to be moresmooth and leveled.

          It uses the latest “cleanodor” technology and environmental friendly ingredients free of odor andtoxins.

          It is an antiseptic agent that controls thegrowth of molds. It is highly anti-alkaline, which prevents the yellowing ofwall surface. The product is environmental friendly and certified undernational environmental standards. It is a green product.

          Technical standard: JC/T298-2010(Putty for Indoor Use)(Type Y)

          Environmental standard: GB 18582-2008(Limitation on toxins in interior wall coating material) 

          *Packing style, please prevail in kind!