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          303 Beauty Home Putty Paste
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          Beauty Home Putty Paste isa specialty product developed specifically for residential use. It is aneconomical leveling agent for interior walls.

          Ingredients are made fromfood-grade additives and produced with our advanced technology.

          Products are finer,whiter, and easier to be applied. Putty is smooth and white after applicationand is ideal for use during latex paint application. It allows the latex paintcoating to become smoother and has greater bonding strength, which providesanti-chalking result.  

          The product isenvironmental friendly and certified under national environmental standards. Itis a green product. 

          Technical standard:JC/T298-2010 (Putty for Indoor Use)(Type Y)

          Environmental standard: GB 18582-2008(Limitation on toxins in interior wall coating material)  

          *Packing style, please prevail in kind!